Book Launch Venue!

This week I have again been blessed (or very lucky, if you prefer). I have started contacting places who might either publicise my book or sell it. The Evening Post (our local newspaper) told me that they do not promote new books or do book reviews, but if I had a book launch, they would cover it.

My immediate reaction was to wonder where on earth I could have a book launch and how would I go about arranging one?

Two hours later, the Oxfam charity second-hand bookshop (in Castle Street, Swansea – right by the castle) replied to my email, explaining that they could not sell my book as they only sell second-hand, but they could offer me a book launch. They had a ‘Create Night’ that evening and invited me down to chat about my book, and everyone agreed that I should give a talk at my book launch and tell some of the fascinating stories I had discovered.

So, I am going to have a book launch, probably sometime in April. How great is that?


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