Book Launch Night

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week, but it’s been all go. The book launch was on Wednesday night (day before yesterday) and it went better than I could have hoped.

My daughters made gorgeous cup cakes and cookies, and Carrie (the illustrator)’s mum made punch and brought some other nibbles. The shop was so packed that we ran out of chairs and there were people standing at the back.

Carrie’s family came down en masse, my family were there, my housegroup from church were well represented, and there were friends from my writers circle and a few others. David, the lecturer who put Carrie and I together, came, and so did Colin from the Historical Association, Swansea.

I was wearing my new T shirt with a picture of the book and ‘Ask me about Alina de Breos’ on the front and back, which went down well. I welcomed everyone and spoke about how I came to write the book and the beginning of the story, then Carrie spoke very well about the illustrations. Then it was everyone queueing to buy the book and have it signed by both of us, and Carrie sold lots of prints of the illustrations. She presented me with a print of the White Lady and we bought one of Queen Isabella on a horse, which seems to be quite a favourite.

I had my photo taken by the Evening Post the day before, as the photographer wasn’t free on the night, but I didn’t see the reporter on the night, and it’s not appeared in the paper yet. We’re keeping watch.


2 thoughts on “Book Launch Night

  1. I am completely confused by the Lady Mary de Braose who asked for the body of William Cragh.
    She was supposed to be William’s 3rd wife? What was her maiden name? If she was his wife when the hangings took place, the dates for his 2nd wife don’t seem to add up…?
    Am I getting something wrong here?

  2. Sorry for the delay in replying, this blog has been superseded by my author blog Please come and join me there. The best data I could find to answer your question was at and says as follows:
    (Sir) William DE BREWES Knight, 1st Lord Brewes of Bramber  was born before 15 Jul 1224 in Bramber, Sussex, England, died 6 Jan 1291 in Findon, Sussex, England, and was buried in Sele Priory, Sussex, England. Another name for William was (Sir) William V DE BRAOSE.
    William married Isabel DE CLARE circa 1260. Isabel was born circa 1230 and died of Bramber Castle, Bramber, Sussex, England. 
    The Child from this marriage was: (Sir) William DE BRAOSE Knight, 2nd Lord Brewes was born circa 1250 in Bramber Castle, Bramber, Sussex, England and died before 1 May 1326 of Bramber Castle, Bramber, Sussex, England.
    William next married Agnes DE MOELS circa 1260. Agnes was born circa 1230 in Cadbury, Somersetshire, England and died before 1270 of Bramber, Sussex, England. 
    The Child from this marriage was: Giles DE BRAOSE was born circa 1265 in Bramber, Sussex, England and died before 1321 of Knowlton, Dorsetshire, England.
    William next married Mary DE ROS, daughter of Robert DE ROS Lord of Belvoir and Isabel D’ AUBIGNY, circa 1270. Mary was born circa 1252 in Helmsley Castle, North Riding, Yorkshire, England and died before 23 May 1326. 
    I hope this resolves your confusion.
    Ann Marie

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